Brimstone is a Firefox extension for the Warbook Facebook application.  It was written when Warbook was one of the more popular apps on Facebook.  However, it looks like those days are gone and the developers are currently more interested in developing iPhone apps (which is probably a lot more profitable).

What does it do?

Brimstone is a sidebar which when open will monitor your actions on Warbook.  It will then store information such as your kingdom and army size as well as remembering the result of your Spy spells.  This allows you to compare your kingdom against potential targets and attack accordingly.  It will also remember who you've attacked and who's attacked you.  Eye for an eye and all that.



Installing Brimstone

The latest version of Brimstone is Brimstone 0.6.1.

Install Brimstone

Updating Brimstone

Once Brimstone is installed you can update it to the latest version using the Firefox update service.

To do this simply:

  • From the menu bar select Tools -> Addons
  • On the Addons screen click "Find Updates"
  • If there are new updates available Firefox will tell you and you can click "Install Updates" to install them


  • Install the above extension.
  • Open brimstone using one of the following:
    • From the file menu select View -> Sidebar -> Brimstone
    • From the file menus select Tools -> Brimstone -> Brimstone
  • Visit the following pages to populate Brimstone with your kingdom statistics:
    • Expand your Kingdom
    • Build your army
    • Your hero
  • Cast spells such as Spy and Survey to get Brimstone to calculate attack and defence values.
  • Become a Brimstone fan on Facebook. This is of course optional :P

More Information

If you want to read the latest news about Brimstone you can visit the blog.

To have your say about future development of Brimstone visit the forum.

There is also a Brimstone page on Facebook. If you become a fan, you'll automatically be updated when new versions are released.

Last Updated on Monday, 15 February 2010 16:32


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